Hypnosis and NLP in Business

The hypnosis that I perform in the corporate world is a little different than what you might expect. I don't swing a pocket watch until everyone's eyes are getting heavier and heavier (though I have used this method). I don't tell the CEO of a company to "Go into a deep trance. So deep that you will find your hand raising, by genuine unconscious movement, towards your wallet." It might be very obvious to you why I don't; doesn't work. After thirty seconds of this obvious claptrap, the CEO would be calling security.

Hypnosis is a method of changing states of consciousness. Trance, for me, is defined as an altered state of consciousness. This could be any state of consciousness. Doing your taxes is very different trance than eating your lunch, for example.

Have you ever been in an elevator, and it goes 'ding!' and you step out ... onto the wrong floor? Have you ever seen someone do that? What is the next thing that they do? Check the number on the elevator! As if to make sure the office is not playing a huge practical joke! While in the lift, you are in a trance, almost on hold. Next time you get into a lift, watch the other people with you. I find it interesting. So interesting, I've developed shocking methods to use this particular trance.

Do you remember the last time you got into a car and drove across town. When you got to your destination, you had no memory of how you got there. Yet there you are, safe and sound. While driving, you were in a trance, not being able to remember the trip is a perfect example of a deep trance phenomenon!

The methods I use will discover and use your normal waking trances. These are the trances that we all do. Some of these trances work for us, others against us. Everyone I meet is already in a trance, already in his or her current state of consciousness. Would it not be great to have a day off from your problems?

Some of these trances are useful, others are not. Some are purely your own, some you share with those around you. Have you ever noticed you get most of your work done when everyone else around you is also working hard, or do you find it difficult to concentrate when you have something else on your mind?

My job as an agent of fast and efficient change is to make sure that the trances you and those around you use are useful, and bringing you closer to your goals. If the trance is not serving you, I will use specific hypnotic methods which automatically shift the trance to one more useful. If your trances are already serving you well, talk to me to make them even better.

Michael Vanderdonk - 5/1/2003


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