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Toach is a niche company offering peak performance coaching and fast and effective directed change work for entrepreneurs, sports people, executives, companies and even groups.

These changes are designed so clients can reach their goals, break through blockages and excel in today's competitive world. As coaches, we focus on improving how you get the results you do, not on what you do. This means that, just like a sports coach, we train and teach you to leverage off what you already do well and improve those areas that lag behind. This allows you to change the results you get, fast. Changing any limiting beliefs into powerful motivation. Turning blockages into sign posts to success. We are dedicated to measurable results, which means that if you don't improve, we don't get paid.

We can work with you at locations best suited to you and ongoing support is encouraged.

You can find details of our products here or read on for our areas of expertise

Stress Reduction

Everyone is under stress at some time, each of us are under more and more stress every day. There are many methods to not just relieve but allow you to thrive on that stress. Toach can teach you many different methods enabling you to increase your productivity, increase your enjoyment, dramatically improve your health, allow you to have more free time, and maybe even extend your life. Full Details...

Personal Relationship Training

In any business you have to deal with all kinds of people in all kinds of situations. Sometimes it's selling to a new customer, talking with your boss, sometimes it's negotiating with a workmate, other times it's just making new friends.

Every day we build, use and change relationships with the people around us. Toach's focused and personalised coaching and training will teach you the latest, most effecting and cutting edge methods for enhancing and supporting those relationships.

Our personal relationship training can improve your sales and negotiation skills, give you more options and flexibility in difficult situations which means those difficult people are no longer such a challenge. You'll also find yourself easily meeting new people for friendship or networking.

Networking can create a center of influence around you and your business that leads to phenomenal growth. If one of your goals is to expand your sphere of influence and increase your business, local or international, contact Toach to assist you to make this happen. You can discover more in the section covering Executive Coaching.

Information Management Training

Toady's business environment is overloaded with information. Reports, statistics, and files overflow in almost every office. Unfortunately, most people are not taught how to manage the hordes of information that continues to rush past, let alone ask the right questions. What this means is that often, critical pieces of information are missed in the continuous barrage, which leads to increased stress, incorrect decisions, wasted time, missed goals or worse.

Toach will help you to channel your energies into the most important areas of your position, seize the opportunities that present themselves, and manage the information flood that continues to attempt to overload you. Call us now to find out how.

Business Training

Toach has developed other powerful teaching programs that don't just give you information you can read in any book on the subject but also transfer the requisite behavioural skills.

Some of the programs include courses on:

Executive Repair

Sometimes, we all work too hard. Sometimes working hard is required. However working hard has side effects if done long term or not managed properly. Often one of these side effects is called 'burnout', or even worse a 'breakdown'. If you think you or someone you know is heading in this direction, there are things that you can do. In fact there are many things that can be done to head off, or even completely bypass this undesirable end, allowing you to feel relaxed and comfortable in the middle of the tornado called work.

Often Toach gets called just after someone has reached a breaking point. While this doesn't stop repairing the damage, it does make everyone's life and work that much harder. The sooner we address the problem, the easier it is to solve. And we have a specifically chosen team consisting of the best of the best doctors, physical therapists, psychologists and other professionals to speed a healthy recovery. Call Toach to set up a confidential appointment or have a look at Executive Coaching for more information.

Personal and group change

If you want some change, either for you or your group, then Toach is the agent of change that you have been searching for. Once you consider how Toach might be able to assist you, the first step is to contact us and gain an understanding of the principles and techniques that we believe will make a difference to you and your business. Then we can begin to design a program that will specifically suit your needs today, while setting the right direction for tomorrow. Executive Coaching details some of the programs we already offer.

Golf improvement

Working in tandem with your technical coach and using a variety of cutting edge mental tools, Toach can guarantee to improve your golf performance, regardless of your current level of play. This means you can lower your handicap, hear the gasps of your partners as they watch you hit a perfect tee shot, and make those difficult putting shots seem easy. The changes you make on the golf course mirror the changes you make in the meeting room. Full Details...



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