Why Golf and Business?

It may seem like a strange combination for a company to focus on two seemingly separate areas - Golf and business. However, once you understand the work we do, you will understand these two areas, as well as others are linked.

Golf can be a frustrating sport. From one hole to the next your performance can plummet or skyrocket. When you play, there is no direct opponent, no one else is there for you to blame for your performance.

Business can also be frustrating. Sometimes days fly by, and you achieve everything you started. Other days drag on, and you feel like you've achieved no result.

The one thing that is common to both of these seemingly random events is you. The one thing that you can change to achieve better results is you. If you are completely satisfied with the results you're getting, then you don't need our services. If you're happy with your present results, and would like even better results, then contact us to find out how much we can help.

Why Hypnosis?

Humans have the powerful ability of creating habits easily and quickly. Remember back to when you first learned to drive a car. It was difficult to consciously work the brake and accelerator, as well as turning the wheel, watching where you are going, and then using the indicator. Having to remember each step was a challenge. After only a short time though, you could drive while talking to someone, or listening to music. The ability to drive a car has been expertly turned into a habit that allows you to concentrate on other tasks.

Habits are made from any and all patterns we regularly involve ourselves in. Most habits we have had for years and are blissfully unaware of them. It's only when we are shown how the habits we have are getting in the way of our goals, or causing us or the people around us more problems that we really notice them.

This ability to turn any regular process into a habit is a powerful skill we all have. It also has a big downside. That downside becomes apparent when we attempt to change a habit.

It could be something simple like having to spell check every email we send because of habituated bad spelling, or avoiding public speaking because of habituated anxiety, or getting angry at those we love for no apparent reason. All these problems, and many more are often related to what we learnt a long time ago.

Success is also a habit. If you have everything you want and a very happy with what you have, great. But if you aren't completely happy, then you owe it to yourself to contact us and discover how we can build the habits of success you want.

Hypnosis and NLP are perfect tools for change because they are two of the fastest and most powerful method for habituated behavior change. Hypnosis is well known to assist people overcome their addictions to smoking, alcohol and other substances. Hypnosis is well known for assisting others overcome their eating disorders, or to loose weight. And yet, as great and useful these outcomes are, if that's all it's used for, it is wasted. The real power of hypnosis comes from allowing us to identify the results we currently achieve, compared to the results we want to achieve, and then enable the changes required to be made in the shortest amount of time.



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