Executive Coaching

In today's business environment, where every company is trying to get the most from every dollar, making sure your executives are working to their full potential is very important.

It can take an executive anywhere from months to years to be fully up to speed in a new position. This is not just limited to a new job either - reshuffle and change can also cause this. How do you ensure you and your executives are on top of the business?

Today's business has moved from a very controlled, top down approach to a more collaborative customer focused approach. Adapt or move on is often the message to executives.

Effective leadership is only part of the problem. Leading through aligning the goals of the organisation with the goals of the individual and using the right motivation method is vital in the business world today. No longer are employees in the company for life. If they move, there is lost time, lost money and most importantly lost skills and knowledge. All this means a reduction in profit.

The cost of one missed opportunity caused by a talented executive resigning, combined with re-hire costs can easily run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. In some cases, the knowledge and experience that executive took with them is irreplaceable.

Worse is the under performing executive who is usually left to sort it out. After months of floundering, missing deadlines and just doing a poor job, they are asked to leave, or moved to a new position where they are likely to cause many headaches there as well.

And the most damaging of all, is when an executive suddenly suffers from burnout, or worse breakdown. In those rare cases, there is no chance for an effective skills and knowledge transfer. Usually within 24 hours the skill and knowledge leave the company, and rarely do they return. If lucky, the executive is on extended leave and returns sometime in the future.

With each of these problems, we have solutions. Toach has developed powerful teaching programs for individuals and groups that ensure you and your staff will use the new skills easily and naturally in their roles. Each of these programs will be tailored to your specific needs and requirements and through the use of directed feedback, drills and exercises, we ensure you will change and not just have another set of manuals that will sit on the shelf, unused.

Some of the programs include skills training and enhancement in:

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